Same-Industry Peer Groups

Leverage the Expertise of Peers in Your Industry and Achieve Greater Success

Study Group Member Stories

I have been involved in many industry organizations. My Study Group has been the most enjoyable, valuable and rewarding. Integrity, willingness to help, professionalism, memories and most importantly, friendships will always stay with me when I think of this group.

~ CEO, Arguindegui Oil Co
[excerpt from message to group on Jan. 2023]

Lonely at the top?

Find Friendships, Validation and Support in a Study Group

At Study Groups we understand the anxiety, stress and isolation you experience in your role as a business leader. We recognize your desire to do the right thing even when there’s criticism and pressure. This pressure can leave business leaders feeling vulnerable in their leadership role.

At Study Groups, you’ll find more than new ideas, solutions and improved profits. You will find friendships, validation and support from peers in your same industry.

Get advice and feedback

Advice and validation

Get wise counsel from business leaders in your industry who understand the unique dynamics of your business.

Find friends who understand you

Supportive relationships

Find yourself surrounded by a group of friends who want to see you succeed and who understand your circumstances.

Find solutions to the things challenging your business

Solutions to burning issues

Learn what’s working for others in your industry. Get new ideas and successfully solve on-going challenges.

Grow your net income

Net income growth

Uncover opportunities to improve margins and grow sales by benchmarking financial data to same-industry peers.

A catalyst for growth

Measurable Return on your Study Groups Involvement

Does participation in Study Groups make a difference? We would say unequivocally, yes. We did a study a couple of years ago. Members who had been in their Study Group five years or more had a more than 50% higher return on capital employed than did relatively new-to-Study-Groups firms.  

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“Over the seven years our group has been together, our combined EBITDA has increased by $95 million per year!”

[excerpt taken from emailed shared by group members, 2022]

“Since joining the Petroleum Marketer Financial Study Group, my business has more than doubled.”

[excerpt taken from testimonial from Retif Oil and Fuel, 2010]

My group was instrumental in our success at McEvoy Oil Co. Our business value grew an average of 18.4% per year over the 20 years I was in my group.

[excerpt taken from testimonial from McEvoy Oil, 2023]

How it works

Find and Join a Study Group

Find a Study Group

Identify a group for you

The first step is for us to identify group options for you. To do this, you will need to share a little about yourself, your company, and your interests. We can then determine what groups would be a possible fit for you.

Visit a Study Group Meeting

Visit a group meeting

After we find the right group, the next step is to get you to a meeting. Visiting a group meeting will give you a chance to meet the other members and experience the group before making a membership commitment.

Become a Member of a Study Group

Become a group member

You’ve met the group. The last step is to decide if you’d like to formally join the group. If you so choose, we’ll seek approval from the existing members to extend you membership.

The Study Groups legacy

We Help Great Leaders Achieve More

Study Groups was formed in 1985 to fill a need for lonely-at-the-top business leaders to have a trusted peer group with whom to share, benchmark, and develop genuine friendships. Today, Study Groups continue to be driven by our founder’s primary objective: create permanent value and lasting friendships for Study Group members through education and sharing in an environment of trust.

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Happy Members

Study Groups

Types of Groups

Years Experience



A culture of trust & respect

Find Yourself in a Community of Successful Business Leaders

Study Groups’ members represent some of the top privately-owned and operated businesses in the petroleum, distribution, retail and construction spaces. The relationships formed within the safe, confidential setting of a Study Group provide business leaders, who may at times feel isolated in their positions, with a trusted source of support, friendship and wise counsel.

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Study Group Member - Weigels
Auburn Concrete - Ready Mix Study Group Member
Study Group Member - The Parker Companies
Wieser Brothers General Contractor Study Group Member
Midwest Concrete Materials Ready Mix Study Group Member
Downs Commercial Fuel Study Group Member
Capital City Oil Wholesale Fuel Study Group Member
Rozier Construction Commercial GC Study Group Member
Kwik Trip Convenience Store Study Group Member
Mowery Construction Commercial Construction Study Group Member
Refit Oil and Fuel Study Group Member
Sapp Brothers C Store Study Group Member

Types of executive peer groups

Connect with High Performing,
Like-Focused Peers

Study Groups are private, confidential, industry-specific peer advisory groups for executives and top-level managers.

Groups are comprised of 7 – 15 non-competing individuals from similar firms. This type of grouping ensures high-relevance, high-value conversations and the open sharing of financial and operational data.

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Executive Groups

Executive peer groups range from owner only to groups made-up from a mix of partners, CEOs and presidents. All are same-industry, non-competing firms.  The conversations of each are unique and specific to the group.

  • ✓ Industry specific
  • ✓ Owner only groups
  • ✓ CEO /president groups

Manager Groups

We offer several peer advisory groups for key managers. Groups include HR, IT, maintenance, district manager, sales, legal, real estate and risk management.

  • ✓ Same industry
  • ✓ Department specific
  • ✓ Operations focused

Next Gen Groups

Next generation groups provide support for up-and-coming leaders of family businesses. The support offered helps prepare next generation owners to successfully take over and run their families’ businesses.

  • ✓ Industry specific
  • ✓ Family-run businesses
  • ✓ Next generation owners

Petroleum Groups

Petroleum Executive Peer Groups are specifically designed for top leaders in the petroleum industry. Separate groups for owners, executives and key managers. Groups are built for same-industry, similar operation firms.

  • ✓ Full-line marketers
  • ✓ Commercial
  • ✓ Dealer and wholesale
  • ✓ Lubricants

Contractor Groups

Contractor peer groups provide a confidential space for executives with similarly focused companies to share, benchmark and engage in conversations around the leadership and strategic trajectory of their companies. Groups are industry, service specific.

  • ✓ Commercial construction
  • ✓ HVAC
  • ✓ Heavy Civil
  • ✓ Solar

Service Groups

Service industry peer groups are industry, service specific. Members are a mix of executives, VPs and division head managers. The confidential group setting provides the opportunity for business leaders in the same industry to openly share, ask questions and receive candid feedback from one another.

  • ✓ Food service
  • ✓ Car wash
  • ✓ Convenience store
CFO Study Group Member Activity
CFO Study Group, Group Meeting
CFO Study Group Group Dinner