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My group was instrumental in our success. They advised me in difficult decisions that our business needed to make. As I heard other members discuss their biggest challenges, I had many takeaways that proved beneficial. There is no question that McEvoy Oil owes a lot of its success to Study Groups.

~ Tim McEvoy, McEvoy Oil

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Thank you for your interest in Study Groups. We’d love to help you find the perfect Study Group for you and your company.

The first step is share a little about you with us. Use the New Member Inquiry Form below to tell us about yourself, your company, and your areas of interest or need. This will help us get a sense of where you’re at, what you’re looking for and what groups might be a possible fit.

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  1. Fill out the New Member Inquiry Form below.
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  • You can expect to hear from us within two business days following receipt of your New Member Inquiry Form.
  • We’ll talk with you to learn more about you and discuss available group options.
  • If there is not currently a group for you, you’ll be placed on an “interested member” waiting list.
  • We won’t leave you hanging. We will be in communication with you through the entire placement process.

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