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I can confidently say that this organization has been an absolute game-changer for my professional pursuits.

Group meetings are invaluable. Facilitators are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields. By working with like-minded individuals, I have gained insights and perspectives I would not have had access to otherwise.

~ Cory Mooney, Stinker Stores

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Curious about Study Groups? Ask us anything about our company and groups and get honest, factual responses. If you have questions not answered on our website, please email us, and we’ll get you the answers you’re looking for.

What does a typical Study Group meeting look like?

Every group has its own variations on how meetings are conducted, but generally a meeting includes:

  • Approximately 12 hours of meeting time spread over a couple of days
  • Group meals together to connect and enjoy each other’s company
  • An opportunity to share the pressing issues and current challenges
  • Sharing of best ideas
  • A chance to explore special topics with a deep dive by members or a guest speaker
  • Review of the benchmarked financial reports submitted by each member
  • Site visits or tours, if a meeting is held in a member’s hometown

Each meeting is run by one of our professional facilitators to keep it moving and organized with the intention of maximizing value for everyone in the group.

How many members are in a Study Group?

Each group has a different ideal size. Most groups are between 8 and 20 members, with 12 to 15 being the sweet spot.

How often do Study Groups meet?

Meetings are held two to three times per year and last approximately two days. Each group decides together how often to meet and the length of each meeting. Meeting locations are decided by the members.

Where do groups meet?

Groups meet in person. Meeting locations are decided by the group’s members.

Are members required to host meetings?

No. Members are not required to host or oversee meeting planning activities. Members may give input but are not responsible for making arrangements.

Study Groups’ support team takes care of all meeting planning and logistical requirements including but not limited to:

  • hotel room block for group
  • meeting room space
  • meals and restaurant reservations
  • group transportation if required
  • activity arrangements
  • agenda prep
  • compilation of materials for meeting including financial benchmarking reports
  • coordination of speakers
What are the qualifications to be a Study Group member?

To be considered as a member for a specific Study Group, potential members must:

  • fit the profile for the group they are applying for (CEO, CFO, Operations, etc.).
  • be committed to attending and participating in group meetings
  •  be invited by the group’s current members
  •  not be a competitor with any of the other members
How do you place individuals in groups?

Members are placed according to their professional and company profile. There must be a mutual fit and no competitive concerns between all members in the group.

How does financial reporting work?

Each member submits financial and operational information on a monthly basis to Study Groups. A composite of comparative statistics for each firm is created and sent to group members monthly.

When you join Study Groups, we work with you to map your financial data into our template and then give you tools to make the monthly reporting as quick and easy as possible for you.

What is the cost to join a Study Group?

The cost of participation for a new Study Group member is $2000 per calendar quarter. Additional company memberships are at a significant discount.

In addition to quarterly membership dues, members are responsible for their share of the group meeting expenses for each meeting.

There is no long-term financial commitment. Membership may be cancelled at the end of any calendar quarter.

What does my membership fee cover?

Membership fees cover the following:

  • Costs associated with collection, analysis and creation of reports for the group’s financial benchmarking activities
  • Compensation related to the expertise, support staff and investment in establishing and maintaining individual groups
Do you offer groups in other industries?

We are always adding new groups. We are happy to talk with you about the potential of helping you build a group for you and your specific industry.

Am I able to meet a group before committing to join?

There is no membership fee or long-term commitment to attend your first group meeting. Your only cost is your travel expense.

We want you to have the opportunity to meet and experience the group before you decide about joining.

If I join a group, what's the commitment?

If you choose to join a group, your financial commitment is quarter to quarter.

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